How I Work

A structured assessment and treatment

Assessment and treatment plan

I start with a general assessment through a detailed personal interview. This takes place in the first sessions; I usually interview the family members and the child separately. The objective of this structured assessment where we talk about Family/values/relationships, Socio-economic status and environment, health and family health, self-concept, mood, thoughts, strengths, weaknesses. I then provide you with a summary report and a treatment plan proposal.

Treatment process

I work in regular sessions and I use horses as therapy partners. It is not necessary to have any knowledge about horses or horseback riding. I believe that moving beyond the intellectual understanding of the issue and getting into contact with what we are feeling is the best way to start the healing process and initiate the change we are striving for. I work in individual sessions with your child and with the whole family, depending on the issues we are trying to resolve.

Healing happens by improving our relationship to ourself and to others. Working with horses helps in that process by providing feedback on our relationship with ourselves and with others. I show you and/or your child how to pay attention to signals of comfort and distress and I help you and/or your child gain the skills to be able to handle those feelings. For many individuals, it is less threatening to first make physical and emotional contact with an animal and try out new ways of being. Then it becomes easier to experiment these new ways of being in our day to day life.

Results evaluation

I proceed with a periodical assessment interview, so we can track progress and adjust the treatment plan as necessary. This allows you to provide me with your feedback and helps me direct the treatment in the right direction.

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