Equine Assisted Therapy

Why Horses are good Therapists

Animals including humans have an area in the brain (limbic system) that allows for sensing danger. Horses’ survival as prey animals depends on instinctively spotting any incongruity in their environment. Their very developed limbic system allows them to sense behavior and emotional incongruity in other animal’s human’s behavior. Horses possess the skills to lead authentically, communicate clearly, trust their instincts, and are sensitive to and respond appropriately to moods and body language of other horses in the herd. Horses are also very sensitive to other animals’ emotions, particularly human emotions and tend to mirror people’s emotions and feelings.

In the therapeutic process, horses provide direct and immediate feedback to people on their emotions, conscious and unconscious intentions and behaviors, and mirror back how people’s actions are being received by the horse and by other people. For many individuals, it is less threatening to first make physical and emotional contact with an animal and try out new ways of being. Then it becomes easier to experiment these new ways of being in our day to day life.

Why horses are good therapist for children and their families

Horses herd is structured, and the horse’s behaviors is stereotyped depending on their role in the herd. By observing the herd behavior, I help children and families understand how their family herd is functioning. From this understanding, I help families and their children make the changes they need to make to improve the functioning in the family and in the world.

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