Kelsey Mammen (She/ Her), MS, LPC

I grew up in Carson City, Nevada, where I was fortunate enough to be raised with horses. From a young age, I found being in their presence to be my ‘safe place.’ As I got older I discovered equine-assisted therapies and have been working or volunteering in that world for sixteen years. In 2017, I decided to pursue my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and completed a specialization in equine-assisted mental health at Prescott College. I specializing in working with children, adolescents, and their families but I also enjoy working with adults. I find that my best work as a counselor takes place in the presence of an equine partner. I aim to help my clients find a regulated state where connection can take place and healing may begin. Equines offer us a unique opportunity to find that regulation and connection in an effective and powerful way.

Through my experiences, I have developed a focus on helping clients with medical trauma or birth trauma, children with divorced parents, equestrians experiencing anxiety or fear, and adults with excessive perfectionism. I love to help clients find a calm, centered, connected way of being through a variety of interventions like Experiential Play Therapy, Equine-Assisted Therapy, and EMDR.

In my non-working time, I enjoy spending time with my horses, reading, traveling, and raising guide dog puppies for the blind. All of these things help me relax, connect with myself, and replenish my energy to better serve my clients.

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